Target Dollar Spot (One Spot) Holiday 2013 Photo Tour

This year The Target Dollar Spot a.k.a The One Spot has some really great items available for $1!  As you can see, it’s “Stocking-Stuffer Central.”  There are also all sorts of gift bags and wrap and even tape for $1 each.  Check out the spa items as well.  You could put together a nice little gift for under $10.  Same with the craft supplies.

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Target Cartwheel Offers: 20% Off Dollar Spot Items

Target Cartwheel Offers

Did you see this Target Cartwheel offer for 20% off “The One Spot,” which is what they now call The Dollar Spot? Items are $1 and $3.  You can use this Cartwheel up to 4 times.  There is an entirely NEW set up there now that Halloween is over and Christmas is coming.  I’ll be taking detailed pictures in the next day or so.  I can tell you that it’s a really great place to get stocking stuffers. When I was there last I grabbed a couple water color paint sets up $.80 each after the Cartwheel.

Find MANY MORE Great Target Deals on our Target Discussion Board

If you regularly follow this Target Savers blog, you may have noticed a drop in the amount of deals posted on a daily basis.  Not to worry!  We are still finding and posting several NEW deals every single day.

Our Target discussion board is hosted by our parent site, Mommysavers.  We have been posting more deals there so that you, as the readers, can be more involved.  Some of the advantages of the discussion board are:

  • The format shows and lets yours scroll down and view more deals at a time (so you don’t miss any)
  • Readers can comment or ask questions on posts.
  • Readers can start their own discussion threads to ask questions or post their own deals. 
  • Readers can post their own pictures directly onto the discussion board.

Anyone can view the Target Savers board as well as any other Mommysavers discussion board at any time without signing up. However, if you would like to participate in discussions and share your own deals and ideas, you are more than welcome to sign up for FREE!

Here are some of the recent deals that were shared on the Target discussion board:

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