Non-Halloween Uses for Target Halloween Clearance Items

My favorite part of seasonal clearance deals are the finds that can be used beyond the holiday it’s meant for.  Here are some examples of Target Halloween clearance items that you can use well before next Halloween:

  • Costumes:  I buy them ahead for the dress-up trunk.  I found some Disney Princess costumes on clearance and will use them as Christmas gifts.
  • Pumpkin Soap Pumps:  Since they ARE NOT Jack-o-Lanterns, they can be used as a general fall decoration for your kitchen of bathroom sink.
  • Plastic Kids Trays:  The neon-colored trays can be used all the time for lunches, dinners, and snacks.
  • Black Tablecloths:  They can be used for any event and layered with brighter tablecloths or fabric swatches.
  • Legos and Disney Princess Accessories:  Stocking stuffers!
  • Cake Pop Sticks and other Baking Accessories:  No Halloween colors means that you can use them for your non-Halloween baking.

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3 thoughts on “Non-Halloween Uses for Target Halloween Clearance Items

  1. You have a lot more in your Target clearance than we do! I almost bought that pumpkin soap dispenser, but I couldn’t tolerate the scent (I have a very sensitive head and the wrong scent will give me a whopper of a headache).

  2. I found chinet plates, plastic solo type cups, to go coffee cup, kids plastic cups w/lips and straws, paper towels, bowls, plastic silverware and napkins for 89 cents each(70% off). They are orange and black and purple, but with the exception of the paper towels, none of the designs are so Halloweeny that I can use them everyday. And as far as I am concerned a paper towel is a paper towel, I don’t care what the design is as long as it wipes up the spills.

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