Target Clearance Purchase: Spent $40 (Over $350 in Value)


I couldn’t pass up these deals at Target today!  Holiday clearance is now 70% off food items and 90% off everything else!  I spent around $40 for items valued over $350!  (Two curling irons not pictured)  Here are my favorite highlights:

  • I always buy wrapping paper, tissue paper, etc for next year.
  • The curling irons were $2.29 each!!  There were quite a few there.  I grabbed several and put a message out to my girlfriends to see who wants one.
  • Hickory Farms Turkey Summer Sausage was 70% off!  Hello Super Bowl Party!
  • The Hello Kitty Sets make great birthday gifts and I think they were $1 each.
  • The Slippers, ornaments, and stamp kits will make great gifts for next Christmas (the boxed ornaments are Disney Princess sets!)

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Target Hidden Clearance: Revlon Curling Irons Only $2.29!

I found several Revlon Curling Irons that are part of the 90% off seasonal clearance.  Why?  Not sure exactly!  I found several boxed sets in the bath and beauty department that are also on clearance, however those had stickers on them and were marked down 15-30% so far.  The curling irons have no stickers on them but scan at $2.29.

Note:  There are TWO KINDS of curling irons.  One is on clearance, one is not.  The digital numbered ARE NOT on clearance.  You are looking for the kind with the round dial.  Look closely at the pictures I took to show you what kind of look for.  Make sure you scan everything before you buy it!

Also, within the clearance curling irons, I did find 1 inch for tighter curls, and 1 1/2 inch for medium curls.  So check that distinction too.


DSCN0184 DSCN0185

Here are more  hidden Christmas clearance pictures I had taken previously.

My Target Christmas Clearance Purchase: $115 Spent (almost $400 Value)

The Harrisburg, PA Target store marked down their Christmas clearance to 70% off.  I’m VERY Happy with my purchase!  Much of is was found in the seasonal department.  However many were “hidden clearance” items too.  I spent about $115 on almost $400 worth of items.  Many of it I can use year-round for different purposes.  All of it will be used by next Christmas.

*Note:  I didn’t purchase any gift wrap, bags, bows, tags, or ornaments today.  Those will still be around at 90% off so I’m going to wait.



I LOVE to shop the stocking stuffers on clearance.  The picture below is basically what my little girls’ Easter baskets are going to look like.  It was all 70% off!


These paper products are pretty standard and can be used on New Years, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, etc.


The holiday food items are all 50% off.  I found several that can be used to a New Years or Super Bowl bash!  Taken out of the packaging, no one would know they were meant to Christmas!


Find close-up pictures of the bakeware, art kits, and more on my “hidden clearance” post.