Target Halloween Clearance: I Got $400 in Merchandise for $40

Today was the big day: The day when the Target Halloween Clearance went to 90% off (more on Target Holiday Markdown Schedules) and bagged candy went to 70% off.  I  was lucky to get in on some *HOT* Target Clearance Deals, and even luckier that our store was not picked over yet.  I skipped over the bagged candy (we have enough of that at home after Halloween) and went straight to the costumes.  With young nieces who love to play dress-up, I knew I could get them a variety of outfits to play with and add to their dress-up trunk.  I was able to get them over $250 in costumes for $25!  Plus, I checked an item off my holiday shopping list.  Not only that, I stocked up on Halloween Home Decor for next year as well as party supplies.

These photos were taken at the Target store in Mankato, MN on November 7th.  YMMV. What did you get?  Join the Target Halloween Clearance conversation.

target holiday markdown schedule

target halloween clearance 2012

target halloween clearance 2012

target halloween clearance 2012


Target’s Christmas Markdown Schedule

Target Christmas Clearance 2011


Target’s holiday markdowns usually follow a 3-3-2 schedule. Clearance merchandise goes to 50% off the day after the holiday, then 3 days later 70%. Bagged candy starts at 30% then goes to 50% and 70%. Again, 3 days after that what’s left is 90% off. 2 days after that it goes to salvage (Goodwill). If that holds true for Christmas 2011, December 26th = 50% off, December 29th = 70% off, and December 31st = 90% off.  In the past, Target has gone to 75% instead of 70% at some stores.  YMMV.

Get Creative with Target’s 2011 Christmas Markdowns:

  • Keep in mind that bath products/gift sets can be broken apart and re-assembled for teacher’s gifts, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and so on
  • Remember to check other areas of the Target store for clearance. It’s not all in the holiday aisles.  Check the floral/candle departments, clothing, food, and other endcaps for more Target Christmas clearance merchandise
  • Baking supplies and mixes are usually readily available at 50% off.  They’re fun for projects for you and the kids to do together on their holiday breaks from school
  • In the home decor clearance, look for holiday napkins, tablecloths, chair covers, that have been marked down. Look for solid colors that can be used other times of the year.
  • When purchasing gift wrap, pay close attention to the square footage of the roll. The actual price can be deceiving, so by computing the cost per square foot you’ll see what is a true bargain. Solid red and green wrap can be used for almost any occasion.
  • Prepackaged gift items (like tie organizers, electronic gadgets, etc) are also nice for Father’s Day

For more photos of Target Christmas Markdowns and Clearance, click HERE.  

You can also find information about the Dollar Spot Clearance, HERE.

Thanks, Mommysavers!