Target Clearance: 90% Off Valentines Clearance (Spent $3.50 on $35 Worth of Merchandise)

Most Target stores should have marked there Valentines Day stuff to 90% today.  The candy is now 70% off. Even if your store is over-picked, there still might be some good items that can be used for other purposes.


Target Valetines Clearance

Target Valetines Clearance


I spent $3.50 and got $35 worth of items.  I got three Valentine’s Card Craft kits. I would have NEVER paid $5 for a pack of 10 cards.  However, paying $1.50 for 3 pk (or 30 cards) is awesome to store away for next year!  I also got a can of purple cake “graffiti.”  Basically it’s edible spray paint for cake!  It’s worth a try!  The Chocolates in the Purple box are by Ethel M.  If you have from Vegas you might recognize that company.  They are located in Henderson, NV.  I got a box of 16 truffles for just $1.49 and  I will be keeping them as a treat for myself =)

Target Valetines Clearance


*Pictures were taken at the Harrisburg, PA Target store on February 21st.

My Latest $18 Target Purchase: Saved 70%


Yes, I did take full advantage of the Valentine’s Day clearance that is now 70% off!

  • The boxes of rose light strings cost the most at around $12 for all.  I have a friend who is getting married in the fall and her colors are red and black.  The rose lights can easily be wrapped around ivy garland for a nice decoration.  You could also hang them in ficus trees to add more color.
  • The candy bars are fun.  I actually used some of them as prizes last summer during a bridal shower for my best friend.  If you don’t find a way to gift them, you can just eat them yourself!
  • The rest of the stuff in the picture is going to go into Easter baskets. I have two little girls and they won’t care if everything is red and pink. Add the stocking stuffer toys I bought at the Christmas clearance, I’m pretty much done with Easter.  Add a chocolate bunny and a couple other things and I’m done!

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