Target Christmas Clearance Schedule

Target Christmas Clearance Schedule

Heading to Target this morning to snag some after-Christmas deals?  Here’s what you need to know.

Target holiday markdowns usually follow a 3-3-2 schedule.  Clearance merchandise goes to 50% off the day after the holiday, then 3 days later 70%.  One exception: Bagged candy starts at 30% then goes to 50% and 70%.  Again, 3 days after that what’s left is 90% off.  days after that it goes to salvage (Goodwill).   More on that here:  Target Clearance Today, Goodwill Tomorrow.  


Christmas markdowns are a little bit different.  They’re done mainly decided on a store-by-store basis, and the process takes a little bit longer than other holiday markdowns (depending on how much inventory is left at your store).   Corporate has sales data and works with managers at each particular store to determine when things get marked down.  However, they’re still fairly predictable within a day or two.  Even if your store’s signs don’t reflect these discounts, it sometimes pays to take an item or two to the scanner.  Sometimes discounts ring up before signs change.


Predicted Target Christmas Clearance Schedule 2013:


  • December 26th = 50% off (bagged candy 30% off)
  • January 1st = 70% off (bagged candy 50% off)
  • January 4th = 90% off (bagged candy 70% off)


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These photos were taken at the Target store in Mankato, MN on 12/22.  YMMV.

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  1. I work for Target and the managers have absolutely no control over what goes on sale or clearance or when it happens. It is all decided by corporate and depends on how fast things are selling. Generally the Target 5 miles down the road from us clearances out things faster than we do because they do about half the business we do. And in our store depending on how fast they want to get rid of the Christmas it usually takes about a week between markdowns. We actually had all our Christmas stuff on clearance at 50% off on Christmas Eve this year…there really isnt any set schedule, it all deoends on how well things are selling. If you really wanted something go to a slow store…it will probably be there and cheaper

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