Target Coupon or Manufacturer Coupon? How to Tell Before You Print

This is a common question we get here at Target Savers.  When it comes to the Target coupons you see online, how do you know whether it’s a Target coupon or a manufacturer coupon before you print it?

The reason people want to know is simple. When it comes to stacking coupons, you can use both a Target store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one item.  Many of you already have the manufacturers coupons covered, it’s the Target coupons you’re after.  You don’t want to waste valuable printer ink printing a second manufacturer coupon.  It really comes down to the text on the coupon itself.  Here’s how to tell before you print:

With  purchase of =Target Store Coupon

target coupon a

Product Name Only = Target Store Coupon

When you buy = MFG Coupon

Thanks to Deann, a Target Savers Facebook Fan and Mommysavers Forum Member (as well as super-savvy shopper) who helped us crack the code!