Today’s Target Purchase: $32 Spent ($320 Value)

Target Christmas Clearance - Target Purchase


I get such a rush at the 90% off seasonal clearance sales!  This Christmas clearance was one of the best I have seen at the Target store in Harrisburg, PA.  I spent $32 on $320 worth of items!  Everything pictured here is 90% off.  Here are some highlights:

  • The large picture frame sets were just $3.99! Amazing deals! I’m not even use why they were part of the seasonal clearance.  There is no indication of Christmas or holiday packaging on them.
  • The smaller picture frames are in holiday packaging but are just plain silver.  They were $1.49 each.
  • All womens and girls socks and tights were just $.40 each!
  • The men’s Angry Birds boxers were $.99!
  • The Nordicware Cookie Press Kit and going to make a great gift for next year.
  • The 12 Days of Christmas Ornament set was $30.  I paid $3!
  • The Hello Kitty bibs were $.40! Not sure why because there is nothing Christmas-like on them at all.
  • I found some gift bags, tissue paper, and curling ribbon that was just $.10-$.20 each.
  • The stoneware mugs and dip sets will make great gifts.  Just stick in a bag with an package of Archer Farms Crackers and a Dip Mix and you are set!

Many of the items I bought were not found in the seasonal clearance.  Check out my post on “Hidden” Target Christmas Clearance Items.

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